Painting contest

Painting and the Seventh Art

Painting contest – 3rd edition

Organized by Magenta in a partnership with Conquistapanorama, Cultural Association, entity that organizes the Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz – Film Art 2019


1. Goals

1.1. Give incentives to and award the creativity of artists, in the field of painting, concerning works that must be related to Cinema;

1.2. Promote and show painting and cinema, facilitating a cross between audiences.


2.1. The theme of the exhibit is “Painting and the Seventh Art”;

2.2. The exhibit takes place from August 5th to September 15th of 2019, in room 3 of the first floor of the Centro de Artes e Espetáculos da Figueira da Foz, as a part of the Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz – Film Art 2019;


3.1. Artists from the field of painting may participate regardless of their nationality, with a work with the painted dimensions of 50cm (wide) x 50cm (tall), or 80cm x 80cm;

3.2. The exhibit will be based on oil paintings, acrylic paintings and other techniques, on canvas, wood, or any other basis that can be hung on a wall, with works that have been in previous editions not being admissible;

3.3. The works must be delivered properly prepared, with a support system, ready to be exhibited. The support systems must not have pointed and/or overhanging materials, or glass;

3.4 – In cases where the work is delivered by mail, rolled up and with no structure, a payment of 30€ will have to be made so a structure can be placed so that it can be hung on a wall, by contacting the organization team previously through

3.5. The works will have to be accompanied by the Registration Bulletin, available at: and

3.6. Each participant must send a curriculum, a photo of the work, a photo of the author, to the e-mail address:, until July 15th 2019;

3.7. It is not allowed to touch the exhibit or move or remove any work throughout the exhibit;


4.1. Receiving the works assumes the delivery of the Registration Bulletin and the material mentioned in 3.6 by each artist;

4.2. The works should be delivered at Galeria Magenta, in Praça Luís de Albuquerque nº 7 in Figueira da Foz, from friday to sunday, between 15h and 19h, until July 15th 2019, properly packed so they can be transported to the exhibit location;

4.3. If the participant needs to deliver the works on another day or schedule or make the delivery through mail or transporter, they should contact the organization team previously through the e-mail address, writing in the head of the e-mail “Painting and the seventh art”. The package should be addressed to Magenta – Associação dos Artistas pela Arte, Praça Luís de Albuquerque nº 7, 3080-852 – Figueira da Foz – Portugal.

4.4. Any eventual costs of customs clearance of the package will be the responsibility of the participating artist, who should make the transfer of the required value for the NIB of Magenta’s bank account.


5.1. The return of the works will take place up until 30 days after the end of the exhibit, and they must be picked up at Galeria Magenta, from friday to sunday, from 15th to 19th, by the artist themselves or whoever they assign the job to, contacting Magenta previously through the e-mail address

5.2. At the request of the artist, the works may be returned through mail or transporter, if they expressly ask for it by writing, at their own responsibility and cost and settle it previously with Magenta, who will inform on the value to pay through a transfer to the Magenta bank account;

5.3. The works that aren’t picked up after 30 days past the end of the exhibit are considered donations to Magenta – Associação dos Artistas pela Arte.


6.1. Certificates will be given to every participant;

6.2. An award – a trophy – will be given to a work selected by a jury, made up of 5 elements, to be determined, delivered at the closing cerimony of FICFF-FA 2019, which will take place at the Casino o Figueira da Foz on September 14th 2019;

6.3. The insurance on the presented works is the participants’ responsibility, if they so decide, given that the organization team will work towards handling every work with care but doesn’t take responsibility for eventual damage unto them;

6.4. The participants give to the contest’s organization team, for free, the image rights to their works, for any publicity activities they may do in the future;

6.5. The particular cases not mentioned in these rules and regulations will be resolved by the organizing team and there will be no appeals on their decision;

6.6. The non respecting of any of the conditions established in these rules and regulations implies the nullifying of the participation.

6.7. Participation in this exhibit assumes full acceptance of these rules and regulations.