The awards given in the 2019 edition of Figueira Film Art were:

Best special effects in a videoclip:I have no home, Volodymyr Vlasenko (Ukraine)
Best directing in a videoclip: Duarte Gandum, Wirehead (Portugal)
Best film in the Videoclip category: Wirehead, Duarte Gandum (Portugal)

Honorable mentions in the School Films category: Euigon, Jeremiah Estela Magoncia (South Korea), and Pure air, Casper Buijtendijk (The Netherlands)
Best directing in a school film: Jaume Miranda, Coplillas por Bombay (Spain), and Erik Trujillo, Cruce (Mexico)
Best film in the School Films category: My Pleasure, Tadeusz Kabicz (Poland)

Honorable mentions in the Documentary category: Social Business, Amirul Arham (France), and The Song of Grassroots, Yuda Kurniawan (Indonesia)
Best editing in a documentary: Francesco Mansutti, Più de la vita (Italy)
Best photography in a documentary: Anton Belousov, The Well (Russian Federation)
Best directing in a documentary: Aurore Vinot, Vagando Maputo (France)
Best film in the Documentary category: Più de la vita, Raffaella Rivi (Italy)

Honorable mentions in the Short Film category: Isolated, Mohammad Ahmadi Nia (Islamic Republic of Iran); In the name of God, David Jaure Rosenbaum (United States of America); and For love with love, Manav Kaushik (India)
Best writing in a short film: Ander Duque, She (Spain)
Best directing in a short film: Afetefeh Khademolreza, Dejavu (Canada)
Best film in the Short Film category: Dejavu, Atefeh Khademolreza (Canada), and Still life, Bruno Fraga Braz (Portugal)

Honorable mention in the Feature Film category: Lada Kamenski, Sara Hribar e Marko Santic (Croácia)
Best editing in a feature film: Yorgos Paterakis and Kenan Akkawi, Holy Boom (Greece)
Best photography in a feature film: Mark Cosico, Unless the water is safer than the land (Philippines)
Best writing in a feature film: Elena Dimitrakopoulou and Maria Lafi, Holy Boom (Greece)
Best directing in a feature film: Masoud Hatami, Termites (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Best film in the Feature Film category: Termites, Masoud Hatami (Islamic Republic of Iran)