August 29th to September 4th are the dates for Figueira Film Art 2016

August 29th to September 4th are the dates for Figueira Film Art 2016

With the important support of CMFF, Casino Figueira, Junta de Freguesia de Buarcos and S. Julião, Octágono, Hotel Sweet Atlantic SPA, Glassdrive, ACIFF, Casa Havanesa, and Ondarte, in addition to the strong support of RTP, Antena 1 and Antena 3 as the official radio of Figueira Film Art, we carry out another edition of the Figueira da Foz Film Festival.

But before talking about films, and the reason why art is part of our name, I would like to invite you to the just and deserved exhibition in honor of José Poeta – who left us ten years ago, in the city that saw him be born and grow in film – during the months of August and September, at the CAE.

“Cinema, Aesthetics and Narrative” use of cinema as therapy with emphasis on your application in the addictive behavior will be the theme of one of the gatherings to be held in this magnificent space that is the Casino da Figueira.

“Also, during the Figueira Film Art we will have with us António Pedro Vasconcelos, the sponsor of this edition, which will give us a talk, that will certainly be of great interest to all lovers of the 7th art and beyond.

The pre-season is in August – On 5th, we will have “Esplendor no Forte”, to give use to the eyes and senses.

Regarding the festival itself, and after 130 entries in 2014 and 163 in 2015 for the 2016 edition, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from New Zealand to Canada, from the United States to Japan, we have more than 123 countries, and this number says a lot… 4000 films submitted for Figueira Film Art. More than 100 produced in Portugal.

Distributed by 6 categories in contest, and more than half of the entries in the category of short fiction, more than 2500 hours of worldwide cinema will be presented at the end of this month of July.

We can assure you that we will have 11 works of Fiction and 7 documentaries in the respective category of long fiction in the big Auditorium.

From 10:30am the Schools will occupy the mornings in the small Auditorium.

The Short Fictions in eight sessions and the documentaries in five.

Video clips which can also be viewed at Casa Havanesa will occupy the sessions from Tuesday to Friday at 2:30pm, also in the Small Auditorium.

There will be 44 sessions of films for all tastes, who will surely enjoy being in the audience and seeing in first-hand some of the 120 hours we selected for Figueira Film Art 2016.

Mark on your calendar the day 29th August, at 9:30pm, the time of the opening session, and then stay with us until Sunday, September 4 to see the winning films from 3:30pm, that you may not have seen during the week.

Translation by: Larissa Kusuki