The awards given were the following:

– Best Film: “Cinzento e Negro”, by Luís Filipe Rocha
– Best Documentary Short Film: “Trama”, de Luísa Soares
– Best Fiction Short Film: “A Tua Plateia”, de Óscar Faria
– Best Music Video: “Nerve – Subtítulo”, by Chicolaev (Francisco Freitas)
– Best Student Short Film: “Nómada Existencial”, by Nuno Pais
– Best Director: Luís Filipe Rocha and Roly Santos (ex aequo)
– Best Actor: Adriano Carvalho, in “Doce Lar”
– Best Actress: Joana Bárcia, in “Cinzento e Negro”
– Best Script: “Cinzento e Negro”
– Best Soundtrack: Rodrigo Raposo, for “Trama”
– Best Photography: André Szankowski, for “Cinzento e Negro”
– Best Editing: Manos Unidas

Honorable mentions:

– Fiction Short Film: “Percepção Delicada de um raio de luz”, by Gustavo dos Santos)
– Music Video: “Achievement”, de José Castanheira
– Photography: Pedro Sousa Raposo, for “Trama”
– Best Editing: “A Campanha do Creoula”, by André Valentim Almeida

Other than honorable mentions, the godfather of this edition of Figueira Film Art was be distinguished in the presentation night in Casino Figueira with the Career Accolade.
The Jury Panel, which presents 5 members of acknowledged merits in the seventh art, is not allowed to be in any way involved in producing/distributing any of the movies contesting nor in any whose participation is allowed by invite from the organization.