The awards given were the following:

– Best Film: “From New York With Love”, by André Valentim de Almeida
– Best Documentary (Short Film): “Tesoros”, by Ivan Cortázar
– Best Fiction Short Film: “Vera”, by Iban Ayesta
– Best Music Video (Short Film): “Giving Me A Chance”, by Nacho Rodriguez
– Best Editing: “From New York With Love”, by André Valentim Almeida
– Best Photography: “Vera”, by Iban Ayesta
– Best Soundtrack: “Animales”, by Ivan Cortázar
– Best Script: “From New York With Love”, by André Valentim Almeida
– Best Supporting Actress: Ady Batista, in “O Espinho da Rosa”, by Filipe Henriques
– Best Actress: Anabela Caetano, in “O Primeiro Verão”, by Adriano Mendes
– Best Director: Iban Ayesta with “Vera”
Honorable mentions:
– Fictional Short Film: “Animales”, by Ivan Cortázar, and “Fronteira”, by António Lopes
– Feature Film: “Guerra Ou Paz”, by Rui Simões, and “As Coisas Não São Feitas Por Acaso”, by Tiago Cravidão
– Photography: “O Homem Que Remaca O Barco”, de Bruno Rosa
– Best Actress: Ingrid Garcia Jonffon, in “Erika’s Eyes”
– Best Director: Miguel Clara Vasconcelos with “Triângulo Dourado”

Other than honorable mentions, the godfather of this edition of Figueira Film Art was also be distinguished in the presentation night in Casino Figueira with the Career Accolade.
The Jury Panel, which presents 5 members of acknowledged merits in the seventh art, is not allowed to be in any way involved in producing/distributing any of the movies contesting nor in any whose participation is allowed by invite from the organization.